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Congratulations on choosing to live life better.

We are a group of experienced and dedicated mental and behavioral health counselors in South Arkansas who want the best for you.  We recognize that life is often challenging and unpredictable.  Fortunately, we have the education and training to treat a variety of issues: depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, mood disorders and situational life circumstances. 

Step 1: Call or Email to Schedule your Initial Appointment

After you make contact, we will work with you to determine who might be the best counselor for your needs as well as discuss insurance and payment options.  You will receive a welcome email and a secured, unique link to complete your  initial paperwork for treatment.

Step 2: Keep your Initial Appointment

Keep your first talk therapy appointment.  This is where you will meet your counselor and together, decide the best course of treatment (which can include a referral for medication services).  At this first appointment, your counselor will obtain a comprehensive, historical perspective of who you are.

Step 3: Stay in Treatment

We can't tell you how long your treatment will last.  This is a decision made between you and your therapist in order to best serve your needs.  Work through your emotions with your counselor  instead of quitting, anger included. Remember we want you to live life better.
Live. Life. Better.

Professional Counseling Services

Magnolia - Monticello

Call or email today to schedule your appointment.

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